Monday, November 16, 2009

Planning a Good Cesarean

Here is a link to a

UK Midwifery Archives page titled "Planning a Good Caesarean Section"

It's amazing how much I can relate to the stories, particularly the first complaint of "Karen, 33"
Who writes:
"Things that didn't help:
Not being given the choice to see my daughter being born. I would have liked the screen to be down so I could see but this wasn't offered - and at the time I was too concerned for my daughter's welfare to even think of it but would have said yes if asked."

Also pretty amazing is the story by "Tikki" she sais:

"I read a magazine article about a woman in the UK who birthed her own baby with a C/S! The surgeon asked her to reach down to feel the baby's head, and she just started to pull, and he let her! There's active involvement."

I am starting to imagine a time when disconnected "sheet-up cesareans" are as passe as lifting the baby up by it's heels and smacking it's bottom!


  1. When I had a cesarean (after a "failed" induction) for my first child, I asked my OB if they would lift my son up over the sheet so I could at least see him (I asked her during the surgery).

    She said, "No. We don't do that".

    They ignored me, and gossiped during the whole surgery.

    My cesarean was traumatic. I hated it. Still do. MUCH has to do with how I was treated by the staff, and my doctor.

    I since went on and had a glorious HBAC (homebirth after cesarean) in which I was treated with respect. I should have received the same respect during the cesarean birth of my son.

    I really like what you have so far on your blog. My cesarean was treated like a surgery--nothing more. Much more could have and SHOULD have been done to ensure a positive experience.

  2. ICAN also has a great white paper on family-centered cesareans: