Sunday, March 5, 2017


Hi All,

I'm officially welcoming myself back to my blog!

I've been so busy keeping things together, as I'm sure you can all relate too.  Life is sometimes hectic, and chaotic but also beautiful and powerful.

My cesarean baby is almost eight years old, hard to believe it, but also feel just right.  I took a break from family centred cesarean birth advocacy for a while, for many reasons, but the time is right for me to dive back in.

I'm writing a book on holistic cesarean care.  It's a super exciting project that I hope will help women have the most positive birthing experience possible during a cesarean section.

So I'll be around here a little more.  Stop by and say hi if you want!

Do you want to be IN my book?  I'm looking for photos of cesarean babies and families.  I am looking to include families that depict cultural diversity.  Photo's can be sent to
Photos that are selected for the book will receive a thank you gift and credit in the book.

Looking Forward To It All.