Saturday, April 9, 2011

Total Support Pillows

I totally love this idea.

Cesarean Support Pillows

From the ICAN blog

"ICAN debuted our newest support offering at our 2011 Conference in St. Louis. Designed by talented ICANer Mallory Brock from a concept by Education Director Krista Cornish Scott, this fabric can be ordered by the yard directly from with a portion of the sales going to ICAN. One yard of fabric makes three support pillows. A caring and thoughtful gift for a mom recovering from a cesarean, it has both practical advice and emotional support that is the hallmark of ICAN."

I'm ordering two yards right now to make up pillows for cesarean moms in my community.

The words of the back are particularly wonderful... the one that is sticking in my mind is something like: It's normal to have more then one emotion about a single event"

How true, my littlest son's birth was both a amazing magical moment and a source of deep trauma.

These pillows will support in many ways. I believe that physical and emotional recovery needs to be active and almost violent, the same way an aggressive surgery is.

A wise friend of mine reminded me that

Sometimes you ave to meet the fire with your own heat.